If you've got questions, I've got answers! Maybe you're wondering how to use your camera, need some tips on editing, or maybe you even have questions about how to go full time - sometimes you just have to talk it out with someone and I would love to be that person for you! 

After four years of school (yes, I do have a bachelor's degree in photography, I can tell you more about that in our meeting) and three years of doing photography full time, I have learned so much through trial and error, and asking lots of questions myself. I would love to give the opportunity to help you with any questions you might have. We can meet over a cup of coffee, or schedule a call either way, I am here to help!

You're busy, I totally understand, but you still have questions that you want answers too. Then this is for you! Get comfy in your favorite chair with a homemade latte and let's hop on a zoom call!

Chit Chat

1 hour call - $150

Yes you do! We can meet in person or chat over a zoom call, this extra hour gives a little more time to unpack a few more things. Come with questions, bring your equipment, and let's get to it!

I Mean Business

2 hour call or in person meet up - $250

lets chat