Welcome to my small corner of the internet! If you haven't noticed by the explosion of color, I LOVE all things pink, bright, happy, and fun! I am married to my awesome husband David, and we have the CUTEST Cavapoo puppy named Banks! I am a BIG family girl, and 9/10 David and I are hanging out with our friends!

I am just your girl next door, probably wearing leggings, an oversized tshirt, and my flutter habbit lashes! 

the one behind the lens

Hi, I'm Savvi!

After I graduated college in 2019 I got a job doing product photography for a vendor of Walmart in Bentonville, AR. Definitely not what I saw myself doing, but hey it was work. David and I got married January 2020, and three short months later we ended up moving back to Springfield. The fall of 2020 I just took a leap of faith and decided to use the talent God had given me and go out and start my own business doing photography full time, and here we are. It has been AMAZING, I am blessed beyond measures and I am SO thankful for everyone that has believed in me.  Getting to capture so many special life moments it is truly an HONOR!

Well well well, where do I start? I'll just start from the VERY beginning, I started taking photos when I was in 7th grade (thanks yearbook). Was I good, ummm maybe if you ask my Mom hahah, but I was just dipping my toes in the water. I quickly fell in love with and continued taking photos for the yearbook until I was a senior in high school. I went on to college and the photo taking didn't stop there. As I ended up getting my degree in photography, while taking photos on the side for a little extra money while in school. 

How it all started

xo, Savvi


capturing life long 


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going to turks + caicos

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